Wooo, christmas, woooo!

Eh. I’m not that excited. There’s a package from my parents that still hasn’t arrived. I need to call the post office and see if I just missed the delivery slip. I’m going to John’s tonight, which will be good food and entertaining, but means feeling awkward as they open presents. I’m bringing mead, so at least I’m not showing up empty handed. I went and helped one of my bosses  with whom I’m friendly make cookies last night, and he gave me a bottle of his homemade mead, and a container of fudge and cookies. I feel the trade off is balanced in my favor, but that’s all right.

Odd dream all this morning about running away from this murdering dude. And bringing my cats with me.  I woke up slightly a few times, and went right back to the dream. I usually like when that happens, but in this case it was kind of annoying.

Also, it’s raining today. Laaaame. Seattle gets  a foot of snow, and we get maybe a couple inches, that’s immediately rained on twice. I don’t like rain. Once in a while it’s okay, but only in the summer, and when accompanying a thunderstorm. Also acceptable- when it happens at night. I understand the need for it, I just don’t want to be in it.

I applied for this job that I should have a good chance of getting, maybe. It’s a little confusing. The desciption I found on backstage jobs.com was for lighting designer/assistant, and sounded pretty design based and such. It was a little vague, enough that it sounded interesting, and something I was qualified for. It’s at a boarding school in New Hampshire. So that’s fairly attractive, salary with room and board for 10 months. I get to not worry about rent, and actually save money for a year. When I went to the website to do their application form, it got a little confusing, since the job wasn’t listed there yet (I called the school to ask about it, and they directed me to the form) and it seems I’m applying for a teaching internship. So, I’d be teaching theatre classes. First with a mentor, and then on my own. Which would be pretty cool. But this doesn’t quite seemt he same as the initial ad I saw. I sent everything in anyway. I hope I wrote my cover letter in such a way that they’d hire me either way, more teaching or more tech oriented. We’ll see.

The problem, though, is that I kind of need work now. Like, last week would have been great. And in the next couple weeks. I’ve secured a few things, and i did little bits and bobs of work, but nothing substantial. It would have been nice to have even 2 full days. Oh well. I think I’ll survive. It just means I am having to be excessively careful with money, and not even buy ingredients to bake things for people for christmas. Yeah. It’s that tight. And Snippet keeps going to the vet every couple weeks. When I talked to my parents the other day, my dad was asking me how I was doing, and I guess I had too much pride to let him know that if they sent me money it would help a lot. I feel like I shouldn’t need help any more. I’m 24, I live on my own (with roommates) and really, I should be able to support myself. I had to ask for money twice my first year here, and once this year. I shouldn’t need to again. I’m supposed to be doing better and better each year. I’m pretty depressed about this actually. I’ve been hunting craigslist, I’ve sent out emails to crew chiefs that I know, I’ve told people I need work. There’s just not much to be found.

Time to shower. I have to go out into the rain to buy cat food. Awesome.


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