In which I am annoyed and worried

Meh. I have no work now. I finished the Juilliard shows, which were fantastic, and a success, and will not be seen by the general public, but for which I conducted myself well and “with great style and grace.” Actual quote. But now I have nothing. I reconnected with a deigner friend, and went to his christmas party and passed out a few business cards, like planting seeds, in the hope that jobs grow in the spring. I need to do the same with my resume and emailing it. Tomorrow. Or this week in general. The party was fun, though. I was a little nervous, not expecting to know people. I suck at small talk, even with people I do know. But I met an illustrator, who was pretty great, and talked to the circle of people around his desk (the party was at my designer friends’ studio space, shared with 5 other people) and then realized I knew a few other people from my Berkeley Rep days, and so on and so forth. As much as I want to be more social, and go to things one has to dress up for and all, I’m not that good at it, and I’m usually really relieved to get out of there. In this case, I left when I was tired. I probably could have stayed longer, but I was there for 3 hours, and talked to a bunch of people. Go me.

I went to the opening night of a show tonight, and to the party afterwards. That one- I bailed on pretty quick. It was way crowded and loud, and I hadn’t really liked the play, but I like/work frequently with people involved, so I smiled and said nice things. My tolerance for alcohol is also diving. Prague was kind of my last fling at enjoying drinking. It just makes my eyes itch and my stomach feel heavy and annoyed. Sometimes I can, and being tipsy is always good. But not always worth it. Oh well.

Right. I started out talking about how I have no work. This is not good. I have some checks to deposit, and then that’s the end of the income. And there’s bills to be paid, and christmas junk to do, and my cats medication. Fortunately, on that end, she’s better. So we’re tapering the steroids off, which means getting a blood test every couple weeks. I should have gotten pet insurance when i got them. Lesson learned.

I have the William Shatner Common People song stuck in my head.

I keep meaning for this not to be a laundry list of what I do, but more things I notice, comments on stuff. But then I can never remember anything when I go to write. Dang.

Oh yes! So I made my book goal. Surpassed, actually. 104, and I’m on my 105th. It’s Anna Karenina. I hope I finish it this year. It might be my first for next year. We’ll also ignore that there are several scripts and a good number of children’s books in there. I also included rereads, if I didn’t really remember the book. This was good, since there were several that were worth it. Somewhere around New Years I’ll do a post with my (oh so important) opinions or what have you on each. Even with the children’s books and scripts, I’m pretty proud of me. Aiming to read 100 books in a  year means just barely under 2 a week, which is definitely doable, but it’s easy to get sidetracked by work, be far too tired, to not be interested in the book you picked up and so be kind of turned off reading in general for a while. That happened a few times, I have a couple books that I started and never got finished. I’ll give them a try again soon. Anyway. Go me. And I hope I finish the Tolstoy. It’s very good so far. But I’m barely out of the gate. It’s also heavy to carry around. A friend of mine read War and Peace this year, and had a copy she didn’t care about, and so tore it into 3 sections so it wouldn’t be such a bitch to carry. I don’t quite have the heart to do that to a book, but it is tempting sometimes.


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