Well then

I had this whole idea that I was going to write a day by day account of Prague so as not to forget it. Whoops. No energy for such things. Suffice to say- We visited both castles. They were big. The first one seemed mostly to be a way of housing the huge and beautiful Gothic cathedral (of course crowded with slow moving tourists led by various flag-and-umbrella holders). There was also a WWI exhibit that John was greatly interested in. It was about the Czech participation in the Russian army and such. I enjoyed it, but was again reminded of how very little history I know, and how very little context I had to shove these things in alongside of in my brain. The other was overlooking the river and had beasutiful big purposeful walls. It seemed more castle-like, to me. We wandered around in the (still functioning, I realized with a slight shock) graveyard. Dvorak’s tomb is there, which was cool. Rodina is an infinitely popular name, apparently. And they had a fair amount of barely bigger than regular sized plot spaces that reported holding 8 or so people. I wonder if they just bury the first one really deep in anticipation. Anyway. After that we went down and walked along the river, a nice way to spend the afternoon. That was a later on day in our stay, the following monday maybe? We had done just about everything else (you know, that you’re ‘supposed to’ or something), and were down to wandering and enjoying. We managed to see two shows. One was a children’s puppet show, which was in czech, with lots of commenting children in the audience, so it was somewhat incomprehensible, but the usher came over to us afterwards, and explained that it was a czech fairy tale, and told us a bit about it. The other thing we saw was a black light theatre performance of Faust. It was pretty cool. John liked it more than I did, interestingly. Which is not to say that I didn’t like it. It was fun.

Other than that, we spent just about every night in this one bar, drinking and playing chess. The last few nights I added cards as well, to break up the monotony of losing (though there was one night when I won 4 out of 5, and soundly kicked his ass for all of those. It’ll never happen again). I love playing chess, but I needed variety.

Dumplings. I miss the bread dumplings. John is a good cook, and tried to recreate them over thanksgiving. He was pretty pleased with the result. I was underwhelmed. Perhaps the next batch. Before we left, we picked up what turned out to be a holiday edition of a home or cooking or something magazine, all dumpling recipes, and sauces, and sweet dumplings. Fantastic. All needing to be translated, but hey.

So I’ve been busy with tech for a show, and a sick cat. The cat is not terribly sick. But she was apparently very anemic, and has some sort of auto immune thing killing off her platelets. So now she’s on steroids (yay steroids!) and doing much better. But it means I need to be there every morning and evening to feed and dose her. No more staying out late. I have to come home first. Because of tech this has been a little awkward, but it works. And it’s good to be in tech again! Boring, sometimes. And I’m just assisting, so it’s lots of trying to keep up with relevant changes to cues, and keeping lists and all. I did, though, get to be the one to do all the focus notes, because he’s working on another show at the same time. So that’s a new dimension of assistant responsibility that’s pretty cool.

So, while writing this, I just did a bumch of research on the cat and dog fairy tale we saw. Apparently, we saw a couple. Which explains the lack of continuity between the first and second half. Also, this guy, Joseph Capek ( I can’t do accents, but there’s one over the c), who wrote them was apparently the inventor of the word ‘robot’. His brother, Karel, was a writer as well, more of science fiction type stuff, and was the first to use robots, and credits Joseph with the word. Joseph, terribly, died in a concentration camp, but Karel is buried in that cemetery at the castle. So we walked by his grave. And John actually has a picture of it, it’s a very nice stone, different. But hey! Weird chain of connections, eh?


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