I’m avoiding cleaning my room, so this seems as good a time as any to write this. Be warned, it will be overly detailed and ridiculous. I might do it in pieces because no one, not even me, will have the patience to read my blathering all in one sitting.

Day One (Wednesday and Thursday)(yes, I do know that that’s two days. Shhhh)

Getting ready to go was pretty easy. I did most of the packing a couple days before, so wednesday morning I just threw in the last few things, took a shower, played with the cats, and left my house at about 11 30. I had to go to the bank first, which was kind of a pain in the ass since it involves getting off the train, walking 6 blocks, and then walking back again. Oh well. John was kind of anxious about getting to the airport early, and how security would be, but of course it was no problem, at all. I think it’s because he was with me- I have a pretty perfect track record of never missing a flight, including the time I got to the airport 35 minutes before takeoff, and had to check a bag. So we got to sit in the airport for over 2 hours. Woooooo.

It was a movie airplane, the kind with the middle seating section. I guess those are for primarily international flights, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person before, but they always use them in movies. So that was momentarily exciting. It was an overnight flight, and I brough benadryl to knock me out, but it didn’t really work. I liked the food, and the tiny, real utensils they gave us (I saved mine, watch for them later in this whole saga), and tried to sleep. It’s good to fly with someone you know, then you can lean on them and drape a leg over and sprawl out a little more. Not that there’s any room to. I had kind of thought that for an international flight they might give a little more leg room, be able to recline a little more. No dice. Oh well. We got there relatively intact and uncramped. I got a visa stamp and traded some money in and we got bus passes. Their transit system is on the honor system, and you get one ticket that works for all modes. You get it stamped by the little automated stampy thing the first time you get on to anything, and then just hold on to it and remember when it ends. They’re kind of flimsy, which is no good, but since you never take it out unless someone asks, it works. The funny/fucked up thing was that a 5 day pass was 500 crowns (about 25 dollars) which is a pretty good price. Until you look and realize that a freaking month long pass is 550 crowns (about 28 dollars). We probably should have done that instead of getting a 5 day, and then a 3 day. But you know, I like supporting their transportation system, and it’s really not that much money. The point of all of this is that we took a bus and then the subway to get to our hotel. It was morning commute when we were doing this, so it was a little crowded and annoying, but I’m glad we did that instead of a taxi. It was kind of cool to come out from underground right into the middle of the city. Though it wasn’t quite the middle. Whatever. Our hotel was right around the corner, we went and checked in, and our room was ready (yay) and went and had the complimentary breakfast and planned the day a bit.

A word about the breakfasts. Boy, was that fantastic. Free breakfast, every morning. This whole spread of stuff laid out for us. Yogurt and honey and jams and granola and toast and hard boiled eggs and some variation of steamed vegetables/sauerkraut/sausage. A tray of various meats (including head cheese, which when you don’t know that that’s what you’re eating is pretty good), a tray of cheeses, some butter, soda bread, juices, coffees, teas, this preserved cherry something or other. Some things kind of shifted and changed, but most of it was always there. I got creative on a couple days with various toast topping combinations. Aside from the eggs and yogurt and cereal, it wasn’t really what you would think of as breakfast food, but it was pretty great. The last day we were there, there was this spread thing that was I think pureed squash and something else? It was a little sweet, but vegetabley, and mostly orangish. We were really early that day, and so when I went back for seconds, a tray had been set out with pieces of bread with that spread, an slice of hard boiled egg with paprika, and a piece of red bell pepper. Fantastic. Anyway.

Since we had just flown all night, and though it was 8 am, it felt like 2am, we went up to our room and took a nap. And didn’t wake up until about 2 pm. Whoops. We both meant to get up at 11 or so, but that didn’t work out. We got up, and started wandering. The last time he was here, he sprained his ankle right before coming, and so spent the whole time walking everywhere in terrific pain. As such, he remembered everything as being much farther away than it really was. I convinced him to walk anyway, rather than taking the subway. It was a good idea. We made our way down to Wenceslas Square (which is much more a giant long rectangle) and walked slowly down it. There was an exhibit about the people who resisted the communist occupationa nd such, and we wandered thorugh that, and then kept walking down.

I just got bored with writing this. Suffice to say, we paused and got gelato, and then wandered over to the Charles Bridge, and then over it, and then to Kampa Island to get some fish for dinner. The fish were really really good, but turned out not to be enough, we both were hungry again by the time we got home. But Prague tends to shut down kind of early, most restaurants close by 10, and we didn’t know what was near the hotel, so we just kind of suffered through that.

DOne writing for now. I think it’s time to either clean my room, or keep reading my book.


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