Jetlag attacks

I am so very tired, and so very jetlagged. going there, the 6 hour time difference was okay to adjust to, but now it means that I really want to be going to bed by 8, and I keep waking up at 5 or so. I’m trying to make myself stay up to get back to nromal, but it’s painful. I think I should just go back, then I wouldn’t have this problem. I miss it. I miss Prague, but I also miss having all that time with John, and not having any obligations, and not having to worry about work. I would have liked a little more of a routine or schedule or something, but it was so nice anyway, just being there. Being away. I needed a vacation, I think. Except that having it means coming back from it.


One response to “Jetlag attacks

  1. That was TOTALLY me at the vet the other day with the Stoosh and YES I was talking about my baby who cried constantly for the first 13 weeks of his life!!

    What a small world!!!!!

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