So, I feel like one of those kids in high school or college who goes to europe, and comes back with the idea that everything there is just sooo much better, and starts dropping various words in other languages to show how sophisticated and beyond this american junk they are, and is always talking about how “when I was in…” as if they spent at least half their adolescence there. Yeah. I feel like that kid. A little. Because I loved it. And the thing is, while I was there, I liked lots of little things, and how yogurt is better and fresher there, and sauerkraut is possibly part of a complete breakfast, the general toilet design, flush and all, how polite and non pushy people are about escalators and getting on and off public transit, and oh-my-god the honour system of tickets really does work there. To say nothing of how pretty it is, and how things are generally a bit cheaper, and how I loved the food, and the walking and how almost everything looked like it was built by someone who wanted to be proud of it. So, while I liked all that, I was just sort of there. I was there, and I had a wonderful time, and it wasn’t until I was on the plane coming back that I realized just how much more I liked it there. John is always going on about how ugly new york is, and people suck and on and on, and I like New York. I still do. But jeeze. It’s a fucking letdown after being there. I miss the food already. I miss ‘our’ bar where we played chess and drank and way over-tipped almost every night. I miss the accents and the cobblestones and the pretty subway walls and the narrow sidewalks. And the little man! Instead of a red hand, for crossing the street, they have a little man standing there patiently in red, and then a green walking one. I liked that. I liked how I had nothing to do. I liked how the castle graveyard is still in use. I liked how they have castles. I miss being with John all the time. We’re good at that, aparently. I think we bugged each other a little here and there, but we never got actually annoyed. I rushed him a little bit, and he never made any plans, but really, what else is new? We’re good at being around each other. We’re good at travelling around, and appreciating what the other person notices, and noticing the same things sometimes.

Anyway. I’m not going to start dropping random czech words here are there. I don’t know that many, anyway (open, raspberry, exit, enter, yes, no, please, five, cheese, pepper. I think that’s it) and I’m not that pretentious and delusional and annoying. Though I understand the appeal.

I think the next entry will be specifically about what I did and such. But for now I’m too busy missing it and reconnecting with my cats. I think now I’ll go finish rereading Catch-22 in the bathtub. That sounds good.


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