So I leave. In, like, seven hours. Wheee! I don’t entirely belive this, but it’s on the agenda, so it must be true. ALong with taking a shower, packing my hairbrush, remembering my passport, stopping by the bank, and saying goodbye to the kittens.

The last couple days I was working on a dance show witha  designer I really like. I am al ittle bummed that I have to miss the next couple days. But it was at the point, even at about 5pm yesterday, where he didn’t need me anymore, and I was just there to hang out and observe and all. Which would have been nice, I like being around dancers. In any case. I leave today. Weird. I’ve never been anywhere else before. Except canada briefly a couple times.  Wow.

I had other things to talk about, but they all escape me now. Something about subways and people and how they overheat stuff, and it’s all cold here now, but it’ll get colder, except it won’t snow, and what’s the point of cold wihtout snow, and something or other. I have no idea. I think I’m a little distracted. I’ve also been really tired lately. Hopefully I’ll be able to sleep on the plane. Time to shower.


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