Holy shit. So i keep having little ideas of what to write, thinking out sentences and such in my head, and then I never get around to actually coming here and doing it. I’ll try to be better.

SO. The act of voting itself was kind of anticlimatic. There wasn’t really anything on the NY ballot, and there was no celebratory ‘ding!” or anything when you finished. The giant lever was kind of satisfying, though, and when I think back, it was pretty cool to turn the dial and pick who I wanted. And then to get who I picked! How cool is that! So yes.

I’ve been working a lot, actually getting to do more assisting and such. Money seems to be coming in all right. So all right, in fact, that I can (barely, but I can) afford to go to Prague! Next week! With John! I’M SO EXCITED. It was all rather spur of the moment, and took a few days to really sink in, but I got my passport, and I got my ticket, and I have stories about the passport getting, but I have to leave for work now. But yes! I will update later, and there will be tellings of things. Yay.


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