I’m busy these days. Not ridiculously so, but well enough. Mostly electrician work, which is too bad, but I have design stuff coming up. In November-january. But it feels soon, I feel more productive at the moment. I also feel very spoiled. The company I mostly work with is really great. They give us breaks on time (it’s really sad that I’m excited about this), my regular boss is super organized and everything runs very smoothly, I work with smart interesting people, and the work doesn’t require too much thought, so I get to listen to them talk about all sorts of other stuff. And when the work does require thought, they’re smart enough to do the thinking and not fuck it up. They also pay me 25 bucks an hour. I worked for them yesterday, and it was a good, fairly easy day, made much more enjoyable by the fact that I had worked for someone else the previous 4 days. Someone who did not give us well regulated breaks (actual quote “oh, just take your break whenever”. Also, I worked from 9 pm to 6 am, and got two 20 minute breaks. Though they did buy us pizza), who was not so well organized, it was in a crappy space, and I was working with idiots. I’m decently intelligent, I’m good at logical puzzle type things, but it’s really really sad when I’m the smartest one ont he crew. And they only pay 20 an hour. And no overtime. This is the part where I feel spoiled. Every now and then I go online and I look for other jobs, boring desk type jobs that I could wear skirts to, and not need to take a shower after every day, and then I look at what those jobs pay, and I think “13.50? Are you kidding?”. Oh the hubris. I now have a very hard time working for under 20. And 20 is on the edge. Keep in mind, though, that I don’t work regularly at all. Maybe half of every month, and some of that is design or assisting that I get paid a flat fee for, say 500 for 2 weeks of drafting, and 2 weeks of being in the theatre. But I love doing that so it’s okay. Also, I live in new york, and my rent just went up. Oh well. Enough whining about this, I just wanted to get that out of my system.

I have new pillows! Complete subject change. My parents finally sent my birthday pillows to me, and they are fantastic. I have 3 normal sized pillows now, all thick and firm and new. One of them is even a fancy latex foam one. My old pillows were king sized, which was nice, but they were older than me, I think my mom said 26? and really flat. Also, I only had one set of pillow cases because I was too lazy to ever go track down more in that size. I will need more cases for these, my mom sent me some, but they’re all fancy, slightly shiny, and white or pale blue.

John is going to Prague (or Chile or something) in november. I wish I could go with him. But a) no passport (I know, I know! I’ll go apply for one this week!) and b) I’ll be working on shows around that time. And I might not have the money, but really, if I started planning for that now, I’d be able to save up money.

My friend Jesse is starting up a theatre company, which is really cool. It’s called Full of Noises, theĀ premiere performance will be Hamlet, in January. We’re going to register as a 501c3. I say we because I am both on the board of directors (woooo!) and the resident lighting designer (double wooooo!). This is all very exciting. We’ve started fundraising, and I’m the treasurer, so I’ve been researching banks to start a personal account with for this money. We can’t open a business account with the company name on it until we have the registry papers and can prove our tax status. I hadn’t realized that so many checking accounts have fees on them. I found a couple possibilities, one being a smaller local bank. I also looked at their business accounts, but because they’re smaller, their website kind of sucks, and it’s hard to find a straight answer. They want you to call them. Who knows. It’s also a crappy time to be fundraising, and dealing with banks at all. Oh well. I miss my old credit union in california.

I also need to get up and start working on stuff. Like registering to vote. And grocery shopping. And maybe playing with the cats.


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