I never have a good title in mind.

Hmm. I had a bunch to say, but now I forgot what it was. Today I’m embarking on more work. Which is good. It’s electrician stuff, which is bad. but it’s money, so I’m not really going to turn that down at the moment. My rent went up a hundred dollars this month, which is not that bad, especially as it’s split 3 ways. Except that it went up a hundred dollars last september. If he keeps raising it each year, that’s no good. He’s a great landlord, and fixes problems right away, and is always really helpful, but I’m poor. But maybe I’ll be richer in a year. Ha.

I have a bunch of little projects coming up, and I need to sort them all out. I’m assisting Peter again for the same company that we worked with last year, and I’m doing the staged readings with them again as well. Then I’m lighting two shows for Jesse, one of them at nyu, one for his company that he’s just starting up (which I’m also now on the board of, how official!) What else? That might actually be it. It feels like a lot, though, especially as a couple of them overlap, or near overlap. I need to check dates on everything.

I had trapeze last night. I’m feeling the strain of having to be somewhere that’s not paying me. It’s tough to make myself go. But I’m so so glad I did. I had fun. We were doing stuff that I can do and am fairly confident with, so I got to work on my form some. And I got to show off a little. I kind of hate dragging out the mats and putting them away, but whatever. You do it, and then it’s done. I like the people in my class, too.

Almost time to actually get up. I’m not excited about this work at all. But we’ll see.

Oh, also, yesterday I went to go get my depo shot, but pre-thought-out parenthood was switching to a new system of some sort, and it was fucking ridiculous. I was there 3 hours. 3 hours! No good. I hope they have it better figured out soon. On the good news side, I might qualify for their version of insurance, which is totally free, no co-pays, deductibles or anything, and all the depo and annual exams would be free as well. So that’s pretty exciting. It’s not terribly expensive, but I have been putting off my annual exam because I don’t have the money for it. That’s really sad. I can’t wait till I get my fashion week check, and can roll around in all it’s glory. And then give it away to sallie mae and maybe a credit card, and then try to save some of it, while thinking about how I really need new shoes. Which I actually do. My converse are dying, and they’re really not great for working on my feet all day.Good thing I have more work lined up. Now I just have to worry about october.


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