Another big day of nothing. I need to stop staying up all hours of the night and then sleeping through most of the day. Oh well. I did clean the living room a bit. So there’s that. And I played with the cats a lot. Snippet still hasn’t forgiven me for the dewormer, it seems. Though maybe it’s just because I don’t give them wet food every meal.

I hung out with John last night, and finally saw Airplane. I liked the humor in it, but I don’t think I really need to see it again. It was pretty good. And the question from the other day was clarified, and I was right. So that was really nice. It was a little dissatisfying to hang out with him there, though, after the hotel in california. i like his house, but it’s not his. And my house isn’t totally mine. I really liked being somewhere else and not having anything in particular to do. It’s a little depressing being back, even though I have work lined up and don’t have to worry about that. I’m just waiting to do work, and while I could occupy myself, it seems like too much effort. Not doing anything is almost as much effort. Oh well. Perhaps I’ll actually have something to talk about next time.


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