Big Cats!

But not quite yet. I’m at Camp. It’s been good. The first session was good, but I’m very glad it’s over. I like being here for the weather and the surroundings. I’m remembering that I do really like teaching this stuff. But mostly when the kids are good at it. There was drama over an act. But it’s not worth going into. It involved a guy that I already hated, and he’s now kind of proven that he hates me more. But the act turned out well. i made a new friend. I knew her from before, but now with teaching together and hanging out more, she’s turning out to be someone I really like and am pretty similar to. So that’s good.

Riley is moving to New York, and I’m helping him find a place to live and such. I’m hoping with Madeline’s boyfriend. We’ll see.

I miss John a lot, but I’ve been able to call him most nights. Except now he’s in Nova Scotia, and not geting reception. I also miss my cats. Speaking of cats! Ben, one of my friends here, it turns out that he works at this museum in Palo Alto with bobcats! So we’re going to go visit him and play with the cats. I’m ridiculously excited about this. Yes.

We’re in between sessions now. The next one starts tomorrow. I’m not so excited about this. Whatever. The last one went by very fast, so I’m hoping this one does too. With less dramaness. There are some pretty cool people that are coming, but two of the people that I really wanted to see aren’t going to be here. Dissapointment central. But I can’t really dwell on that.

What else? I saw the Dark Knight. It was amazing. I saw it again. It was still pretty great. Boone (related to Daniel) pointed out all sorts of issues he had with it, and they were all true. But I don’t really care. Then last night Rose (new friend), Braden, and Ben and I went and got thai food, and saw Stepbrothers. Which made me laugh a lot. But it was pretty stupid. But at a little movie theatre with a ton of other camp people that we ran into, for 7 bucks, it was worthwhile.

There are mosquitos and flies around up here. I think it’s time to be done with the computer. Write again in another couple weeks.


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