It’s 10am. And I leave tomorrow. I have done nothing by way of preparing. After this, I’ll get up, dressed (should I shower and shave first, or will that just take up time?) get the laundry ready and take that down the street. Then I’ll get out the carrying cases and start planning it all. Annoyances and concerns- I got an email from the airline this morning, reminding me that I can check in online, and no fluids, etc etc. It also said that and second checked bag will cost me 25 bucks. The thing is- I have to check a bag, and a sleeping bag. The bag itself is my dad’s frame pack. Will the charge me because it’s awkward sized and bulky? And how tightly do I have to lash the sleeping back to it in order not to get charged 25 dollars for it? Damn. Flying just gets more and more expensive. This is no good. Second annoyance- it says to get to the airport at least 2 hours in advance of my flight, due to high seasonal traffic. I usually plan on getting to the airport an hour before the flight, because I check in online. And usually never check baggage. I’m trying to decide how much of this is their scare tactic just-in-case, and how much is true. It’s probably true. It is JFK, on a saturday, in the summer. And I have to check stuff. But I really don’t want to leave my house at 6 am to get there at 7ish, to get a 9am flight. Although. John got back from the bike ride yesterday, and we’re hanging out sometime today and he’s spending the night and driving me there (so, so glad of this, I very much did not want to leave at 5 am and drag all of my shit on two subways and the airtrain), so I’m not really planning on sleeping anyway. Seems like I should spend my last night here awake with him and the cats. I don’t want to leave the cats. I was pretty bored yesterday, and took 2 rolls of pictures of them. My light meter needs a new battery, so who knows how they’ll turn out. And one roll was black and white. And they’re cats, so the pictures are all the same. But they liked posing, and liked that I was playing with them. Pidgeon has been curling up next to me a lot lately. I don’t know if it’s just a new habit, or if it’s because she knows I’m going soon, but i like it. Snippet hasn’t hung out with me much since I had to give her horrible tasting dewormer. It’s hard to make amends with a cat.

I’m not overwhelmed by today, but only because it hasn’t really started yet. And I can’t fully imagine all there is to do. Maybe it’s not that much. I hope I remember everything. I should make a list of what I need to remember. I like lists. There’s so much to do. Argh. Oh! I have to remember not to pack clothes for tomorrow. And clean the bathroom, change the litter. And remember chargers. And turn off my ac before I go. And bring my paperwork. And turn off my alarm clock. And Riley’s book. And the cat instruction manual for Ian.

I really have to get started on this. I hate going anywhere. So much preparation.


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