I’m baking. All day. Not quite. Madeline leaves for seattle in a week (which I greatly disapprove of, I think she should stay here. But Seattle is beautiful in the summer, and she’ll love it, so I suppose that works) so tonight there’s a going-away party for her, starting in Prospect Park, then moving to a bar when it gets dark and/or chilly, and then hypothetically to our house when the bar kicks us out. It will be an adventure. It’s a potluck, and she has no time to make or find anything, and I have all the time in the world (what’s left over after I give up on sleeping) so I made sour cream cookies, and oatmeal-cranberry-walnut cookies. I was stupid and only have one cookies sheet, so it’s going a little slower than it should, but that’s okay. I’m not in too much of a hurry. Aside from the fact that it’s 80 degrees and humid outside, and I have the oven on. THe cats are passed out in fur puddles. Begging for tastes wore them out.

So Sarah is leaving on the 15th, because she’s allergic to the cats. Oops. She had no idea. So the new roommate came by to check it out yesterday. It’ll be interesting living with a guy. Supposedly he likes washing dishes. He seemed like a nice guy, affable and easy. He has a cat, so we’re at the maximum of cats now. It’s 21 pounds and 12 years old. Sounds about to keel over. We’ll see how it gets along with the kittens.

The sour cream cookies are done, and smelling far too tempting. I made them really big, though, so there’s only 27 (the recipe said it would make 60. If I measured them out with a teaspoon. No thanks.) and I can’t snack on those. The second batch of oatmeal just went in. I’m hoping one mroe tray after this will finish it, but we’ll see.

I’ve started readin Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and gotten all inspired to buy local produce and not buy things out of season. Naya and I are going to set up a regular farmers market visit.

Tainted Love just showed up in my itunes. It always reminds me of freshman year of high school when Naya and I and several other friends who I’m no longer in touch with took a photography class at an art studio. I remember dancing around the dark room to that. That was a pretty good feeling, being with friends, and learning something fun and creating and feeling grown up. It seemed like a grown up thing to do, somehow. The whole taking the class thing, and the whole dancing thing.


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