Yeah, the cats are pretty much keeping me occupied

The cats are really all I have to talk about. Except that a friend of John’s is in town. She lives in SF now, and so we’ve been making plans for when he goes out there when I’m done with Camp. We all went out for sushi tuesday night. Best sushi I’ve ever had. She’s staying at her aunt’s, and there’s a hot tub there. Good people, good food, hot tub, rock band. It was a good evening.

I saw a guy on a recumbant bike the other day, except that he didn’t pedal with his feet. It was the hands. Except that instead if being staggered, like pedaling with your feet, they were together. It was more like rowing.

I’ve been semi-ignoring work lately, which is bad. Though I’m somewhat having to invent stuff to do. Though not totally. I’m mainly just tired of it, and of being on a regular schedule. And I’m in the position of being able to indulge that. Not so good.

There are a lot of cars in my neightborhood with alarms. That go off a lot. It’s unpleasant. Though they do get turned off fairly quickly.

I got a laser pointer for the cats the other day. It’s a big hit. John got Pidgeon to jump at least 4 feet up the wall. It makes them very paranoid though, for a good 10-15 minutes after you turn it off, they can’t relax and keep looking.

I’m uninspired to write today, and I feel like it’s showing. I need a project. I think I’m going to paint my room. I know, I did that when I moved in, and it was a lot easier then, before all my stuff was in place. But I was never totally happy with it, and it’s continued to bug me. I tried to do a fady-up thing, 3 different blues, with the ceiling being night sky. But it turns out that latex paint doesn’t blend so well. And I kind of suck at painting in general. So I’m dissatisfied. I’m thinking now that I’ll redo it to that it’s very neat, and every wall is a different color. I’m not sure if I should change the colors or not. They turned out a lot more oceany than sky, which is kind of cool, but I also have a lead on really nice bird stencil things. So sky would be good. I don’t know. Anyway.


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