So I have breakfast today, and then i go to get out a glass and the milk, because buttered toast with cinnamon sugar makes me thirsty, and for some reason, I’ve been wanting to drink milk lately. This is odd. I don’t like milk 8 months out of the year, but somehow in summer, it’s what I look for. Anyway. The cats have been staring at me the whole time I was eating, and as soon as it looks like I’m preparing something else, they start yelling at me. They have food and water. This is not good enough for my cats. They must inspect everything I’m eating and make sure that they’re not missing out on anything. Pidgeon is particularly load about these things. And gives me big looks of disapointment when I don’t let her drink milk.

Snippet went to the vet for her second round of vaccinations. She was kind of traumatized by the subway, but occasionally would stick a paw through the bars for me to hold, and seemed comforted by that, which was rather unbearably cute. She was very good at the vets, put up with the thermometer up the butt and the bright light in the eyes with remarkable grace. The vet was also extremely good with her, let her walk out of the carrier on her own, was gentle about everything. It was pretty expensive, but for how they treated her, and all, it’s worth it. I need to start brushing them. Pidgeon coughed up a hairball the other day. When I had indoor/oiutdoor cats, they never did that. Weird. Anyway. Enough about cats.

I also saw 2 shows in a week. Naya couldn’t use her Sunday in the Park With George tickets, so I got to see that, and took Madeline. It was technically very impressive, all the projection stuff they did. Though the lighting suffered a little for it. But not many people would think to notice that, I suppose. I ended up really liking it somehow, but none of the songs were really that memorable, and we were both kind of underwhelmed at intermission. The ending was really good, I think. And the whole things was interesting. So, I’m glad I got to see it, and equally glad that I didn’t have to pay for it.

Then John and I had been wanting to see something, so through the magic of craigslist, I got tickets for Wicked. They were really good tickets. About halfway back in the orchestra, on the aisle but not really far over to the side. I saw it in SF before it went to Broadway, but details fade and you forget how things connect, so it was great to see again. The lighting is fantastic. And it’s a fun, well put-together show. We went to the Natural History Museum beforehand, which was fantastic. A lot of it hasn’t changed since he was last there about 10 years ago, but the Hall of Biodiversity, and the Ocean Life room are beautiful and amazing. I like looking at all that stuff. We spent almost 2 hours looking at that, and then went to the planetarium side and looked at the scale stuff, and ate astronaut ice cream. Which is good, but I think you can’t really consider it ice cream. If I were an astronaut, I would constantly crave cold food. And real food in general, I suppose.

Then we went to an ethiopian place in the village for dinner. It was really good. I could eat the bread stuff all day and not get tired of it.

Naya lives near me now! 2 subway stops away. Or i could walk, which takes longer, but it’s a nice walk, along the park. I went and saw Sex and the City with her yesterday. It was pretty good. Silly and such, but I thought it was better than the episodes, and it was fun to watch.

So yes. That’s what I’ve been up to. Lots of leisure. A little bit of work. Not as much work as I should be doing. Hopefully I’ll change that this week. But perhaps not, as I should have left for work almost 2 hours ago, and I’m thinking about taking tomorrow off to do laundry. Which I really should have done yesterday. It won’t take a whole day to do, but I tink I’m going out to get sushi on Long Island tonight, which means being up fairly late. It’s really kind of dangerous to let me have a job where the boss isn’t there for 6 weeks, and I can determine my own schedule. I really should get moving. At least I’m already dressed. That helps.


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