Yesterday was frustrating. Work isn’t fun anymore. I left early to do a site visit elsewhere, and didn’t go back, though I had time to. I skipped it today. Terrible. But that’s not really the news. The news is that Sarah, the english roommate, is allergic to the kittens. Hives and all. Which is odd, since she’s lived with cats before, never been allergic. But these are strange american cats, different sort of dander. Or something. Who knows. It was a little sudden, though, to get a text from her just now saying “Hey can u ask around if any1 wants 2 take my room…A.S.a.p? Thanks hun”. So there you go. I guess I should put an ad on craigslist. We’re in a period of upheaval, though, so it will be interesting. Madeline is going to seattle for the summer, so there’s a french couple subletting for 2 weeks in june, and then her friend is coming for the rest of the summer. And I’m going to camp for a month, starting july 20th. I wish someone I liked was looking. The process of finding someone is not something I relish much.

I watched A Streetcar Names Desire this afternoon. I had no idea. It was good, and interesting, and yet another play that I now need to read. But it was nothing like I expected. From all the various quotes and imitations people do, I just didn’t expect Blanche to be a total nutcase. And Stanley was pretty cruel, both intentionally and not. Stella was great, but nothing happens. All in all, well worth finally watching.  Now I’ve moved on to rewatching Auntie Mame. Clearly one of the best movies ever made. I need to make more people watch it.


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