Sick sick sick

I’m better now, mostly. Two days ago my stomach was grouchy and I felt like throwing up on the subway. i figured it was because I hadn’t really eaten anything that morning, and the subway smells were particularly strong that day. I got home after fixing something that didn’t need to be fixed (i got a call saying that the lights were washing out the projection, and could I come fix it? I get there, and it’s realized by all that it’s because the back of the theatre is a big stained glass window. Apparently, covers for that had been offered and refused. I can’t believe they called me in for that. Granted, they are a particular blend of cautious and stupid) and resumed my watching of gilmore girls. Around the 3rd episode, I got very tired. And shivery. And achey. Yay fever! It progressed, worse and worse. I took a couple advil, passed out, and woke up 2 hours later feeling great. Until I threw up. I dozed and slept for a few more hours, as much as I could with the worst fever ache I’ve ever had, and got up at 4 to throw up again          *Huge huge grossout alert- skip to the next paragraph if you want to avoid possibly vomiting yourself*       The first time I threw up, it was easy, almost a relief. The second time was terrible. I had had pizza earlier, in the half hour that my stomach felt better, and this time around, chunks of it kept getting stuck in the back of my throat. SO in between each heave, I was having to clear my throat and half-gag and try to dislodge them. It was rather traumatic. The cats looked very concerned when i finally emerged.

I didn’t really sleep after that, and spent yesterday curled up and in pain and unable to do much of anything. John came over in the evening, bringing chicken soup and pot pie. I was too wary of eating then, but this morning I’m feeling much better, and rather hungry. So I think I’ll try the soup soon. He stayed for a while and curled up with me, but he has bronchitis right now, and was coughing and waking me up and had stuff to do at home. I really hope he doesn’t get sick.

Food time. The best part about this? I haven’t eaten in a day, and I threw up everything I ate the day before that. So now I’m terribly hungry. The kind of hungry where you feel like your stomach is eating itself. The kind of hungry where you want to throw up . Oh, the irony.


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