I have no motivation to go to work. At all. It’s 10 45. I am supposed to get there at 10. I’m still in bed. Yesterday I skipped out completely and watched gilmore girls on the couch. For most of the day. That was interrupted for a few hours when I had to go to the job with the stupid projections and fix a couple lights that weren’t coming on. Then I went right back home. Picked up some food along the way.

The thing with this job is- I draft for an architect. We’re getting the bid set ready, so we can give it to the contractor so they can get started on estimates and all that. My boss, the architect, is in the hospital. He has bone cancer, and they found a marrow donor, so now he’s there, about to regrow his bone marrow. Which is kind of horrific and sounds painful and boring. The hard part for me is that he’s on a lot of knockout drugs, and I don’t know everything that needs to be done. There’s a bunch that I can do, and I have been doing, but some stuff he needs to tell me, or he needs to do himself. And that’s hard to do when you get big shots of benadryl every day. Frustrating for me (and is it selfish to be frustrated at a sick man? Hard to tell, as I’m frustrated on his behalf, in a way) and makes things harder. Also, the other guy I work with, is this indian guy, who’s accent I can barely understand. And who isn’t the brightest shoe in the barrel. For example- I left my flashdrive with him one afternoon, as I left before him. The next morning-

him- oh, your flashdrive doesn’t work with this computer

me- what? Yes it does, I’ve used it with both of them before

him- it says there’s not enough power

me- oh, just ignore when it says that, it’s fine anyway *pause, remember that the keyboard usb port doesn’t have enough power to run anything other than a mouse* oh, and plug it into the back, the keyboard port doesn’t work for that

him- oh, sure sure, yes

several hours later, he turns to me and says it doesn’t work, pointing at the screen. He’s plugged it into the keyboard. Nice. He also asks me repeatedlky about how to do various things drawing-wise, things that could easily be found with a little looking, in fact, I have to look for them in order to show him how to do whatever it is, because I don’t remember where everything is, and he, coming from autocad, wants shortcuts that I, having self-taught vectorworks, am not familiar with. I don’t know what he’s afraid of, or if he just has no curiosity or what, but it’s annoying. And I don’t really want to go deal with it. And I have cats here, who run around, and then fall asleep on me. And I can do this work at home. If I chose to. Which I might.

Pidgeon has discovered the bathtub. I can hear her jumping in and out of it. Snippet is way too small to get out of it on her own, so that’s a little worrying.

I need to get up and dressed and figure out what today will be. I’m thinking watching more episodes, and then drafting here. Part of my general lack of motivation is, I think, due to me not being paid yet. In his stupor, my boss keeps forgetting to mail my check, and I’m slowly running out of available funds. Not dire in any way, but it will be when rent is due. In 3 days. I guess it is kind of dire. I hate bugging him about anything, he always sounds so tired and out of it and possibly in pain. No good.


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