Been awhile

I know. I know. I hate that I’ve been neglecting this, to the point where possibly no one reads it anymore. Not that many people did in the first place, but there were a few. And that was nice, people reading whatever drivel I had to typed. It’s not all drivel. Partly responsible for my absence- I have kittens! I finally got them! Huzzay! ONe of them is 6 months old, named Pidgeon, beautiful skinny long grey/brown tabby who is half siamese, so she has the giant ears and eyes and delicate bones. And the talkativeness. She’s a little shy, doesn’t like to be held much, but she follows me around demands to be petted. Her favorite toy right now is my hair bands. She figured out where they were, and was going up on top of my dresser to retrieve another each time she lost the one she had been playing with before. I put a stop to that and covered the container they reside in (I have two abalone shells, really pretty, on my dresser, one holds all the hair stuff, the other holds all the random change. I also have penguins intended to be juggling balls, and a cow christmas ornament up there. Among other things). The other one is 10 weeks old, tortoishell who was originally more black, and is slowly changing to more mottled. named Snippet. She attacks everything and anything with great vigor. She gets that claws should not be used on people, which is good. But she will chew on your hand. She likes to sleep with me, and doesn’t mind being held. Both of them are ridiculous climbers. Pidgeon will walk on the coat rack on the back of my door, and Snippet clawed her way up my hanging canvas shoe rack to sit at the top (after seeing this, Pidgeon had to jump up there, not to be outdone by the small one). So yes. Now you know far more about someone elses cats than you ever wanted. I promise, though, not to bombard you with endless near-identical pictures of them in various cute states. Though now the impetus to get a digital camera is all the stronger. I like having cats. It sounds stupid, but it really does make my life feel more meaningful. Ridiculous. But I like them. A lot.

In other news, yesterday i worked a job that sucks, and won’t stop. I’m designing lights for a staged reading. It’s for a director that I’ve worked with before, but i was the assistant designer then. So that’s good. There are no internal cues, it was just setting up a good general look, and going home. The bad parts-1.  I had to hire my own crew, paying at the bottom end of the scale, for work on a saturday. I had to beg the second person, but it was really good that he was there, for reasons that follow.     2. There is a projection screen, and a projector. I had agreed to hang the projector. Apparently, it was implied that the electrics crew would also hang the projection screen. No one told me about this.        3. I fucked up by assuming the projection person would have some clue about what the hell they were doing. No. “So, do you have something, a cradle or somesuch, to hang this with?” “No! WHy would I?” I have no clue lady. Maybe because you’re the one with the projector, and should know this shit. SHe didn’t know where to hang it, how to figure out where to hang it, nothing. Fortunately, Lance-the one I had to beg-knows all about this stuff. Possibly more than he does about lights. Unfortunately, it meant that instead of our day being over at 3 30 (which is when the lights were done) we weren’t done until 7. And I have to go today and buy a vga cable, and then run that to the booth, because of course, the lady had no idea that one would possibly need the laptop to be more than 6 feet from the projector. Later she was talking to me about how for the show she would turn on the laptop, and then i could come along and turn on the projector. I said “sure, of course. Although, I’m not getting there till lateish, you could even turn on the projector”. Says she “oh, I’d rather not”. Turning it on involves pointing a remote control at it and pressing power. She seems completely scared of everything involved in this, except for the image she found. yes. It’s one image, that stays up. Doesn’t change for the whole show. The terrible terrible irony of all this is that I had the chance to nix all of this. The director was worried about the lights washing out the image, and if I thought that would be a problem, he could just cancel the projection all together. I should have taken him up on that. I didn’t. What an idiot.

My drafting job is going as well as it can. My boss has started his 6 week hospital stay, and is on  a lot of benadryl and other knockout drugs, so it’s hard to get answers from him about anything. But it’s going as well as can be expected. And I like getting to use his computer, it has a huge screen and internet.

I’ve been reading a lot. Which is good, lots of good books. Lots of subway time going much quicker than usual. Currently, Year of the King. It’s the diary and sketchbook of an actor preparing to play Richard the III. Very well written. It’s been editted and neatened, but I love how it’s written. I really wish I could write that well about daily events. It’s also interesting to read about the structure of the Royal Shakespeare Company. He doesn’t explain much so I’m not clear about it, but the things he talks about in relation to that are fascinating. So different from how any theatre that I know of is run.

That’s about it. I’ll try to stay on this horse.


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