Somewhere to go

I am all dressed and ready to go. But I don’t need to leave for another 45 minutes. At least. I am always early. I am an hour early even after spending an hour figuring out what to wear. I thought I had decided last night. I was wrong. Good thing, though, or I would have even more time to kill.

My A key has been sticky lately. Or not sticky, really the opposite. You have to press very deliberately to avoid a-less gibberish. So a few minutes ago, I finally got fed up with it, and pulled out a needle to clean out underneath it. And promptly dropped the needle somewhere in between the keys. Oops. The key is fixed, though, so that’s good. I just now have a needle rolling around in there. Or not. I turned the computer upside down and shook gently, and it might have fallen out without my noticing. Ridiculous.

I finished Heat. It was pretty fantastic, and made me never want to be a cook. Or work in a kitchen, other than my own. But it was completely fascinating. Also, somewhat strange to read about butchering a pig, or how to handmake tortelloni while eating black bean soup from a can.

Speaking of food. I’m hungry. And I’m not going to get to eat till like 11 30. It’s 5 30. I should find something to eat. That will help occupy some time


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