phone update!

Writing this on my phone- craziness. I love my phone.
One of the guys at starblinks knows me now. And what I order. Iu think I come here too much. Though I do like being a regular somewhere.
I didn’t go to work till 1, and so took the time to sleep as much as possible, which maybe wasn’t the best idea. It turned out that there was a street fair all down my street that I totally missed out on.I wonder if it’s a regular occurence, now that the weather is nice. I hope so, there was a bubble tea stand on my corner. And a bouncy house a block away.
3 rollerbladers just went by. Seemingly unrelated. Odd.
I’m really liking Fear and Loathing. I had forgotten how funny it was.
I have a semi-friend who challenged me to a scrabulous game, which is great, I like playing. But he’s all bitchy and tense and gets on my case for not instantly playing my next word. Today I got a ‘nudge’ from him, saying ‘it’s not like you haven’t been online lately’. What the hell? I have crappy letters, he’s nearly 100 points ahead because he got a scrabble, and I haven’t moved in a day because when I get home at midnight, I’m tired and facebook isn’t really a priority thing for me to check. So he needs to chill the fuck out. Jeeze.
Today is cooler. I didn’t quite dress for it.
Okay, thumbs are objecting to prolonged typing. This was a fun experiment.


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