Looked at kittens online for a while tonight, not a good idea. Certainly not a bad one, but there’s so damn many. And my limit is 2. But it was nice to look at cats and know that this time I actually am going to get one or two soon, I’m not just teasing myself. Though I am. Hmm.

The silly show I designed keeps having problems. First, I got a call saying that one of the lights seemed to be permanently on at a very low level. I ignored this. Then, I got a call saying that one of the cues was completely fucked up, and that the whole show seemed dimmer. I fixed the fucked cue, and determined that people are just psycho, it wasn’t any darker than when I cued it. Then, I get yet another call two days later saying that two of the lights wouldn’t turn on, and the easily reachable one they had spent some time trying to trouble shoot with no luck. So I had to go there today, and spend all of 15 minutes determining that I spent 45 minutes on the subway to find out that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the lights. Except that I had to completely re-set up the one they had tried to fix. So then I went and bought books and hung out reading them. Newly aquired- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hunter S THompson. Clearly, they did a fantastic job with the movie, because this is like reading the extended version script. Two other random books. One by a guy who I’ve read before. He’s okay. I like the writing enough to read him again, but it’s nothing remarkable. This story seems potentially better than the other I read. And then Heat, about a guy quiting being an editor and going to hang out with Italian chefs, and eventually be one. They were all on the 3 for 2 table, and I felt sort of obligated. I almost got The Last Boleyn, but then thought, what the hell? I’m not even that interested in this chunk of history, why have I read a book, a wikipedia page, seen a movie, and started watching a series about these people? And why do I want to read another rehashing speculation? So I didn’t. Probably a good choice. But somehow I’m still kind of curious. And irritated that I once again bought books for full price. Almost. Oh well.

And then I went and read for a couple hours before getting food with John. There’s a starblinks in the bottom of his building, and I hang out there a lot. More than I should admit. I dunno. Big bad company with their idiot terms and stupid expensive drinks pushing out the local coffee shops. But New York has never been that big on coffee shops. Delis, and maybe cafes, yes. But not so much coffee shops. And I do miss that about seattle. Also, you get one small thing, and that buys you the right to sit there for 3 hours, and no one cares. And I like their green tea drinks. So yes. I hang out there, and even kind of like it.

I’m working tomorrow. Sunday. I’m kind of glad, I feel at loose ends after 2 days of lassitude. Kind of glad for the occupation. And I skipped friday, so now I get to make up those hours and make money. And pay my student loans some more. Eulch.

It’s been nice and warm lately, I hope it keeps it up. I’m excited about being able to do things outdoors, get my bike fixed up, air in the tires and all. My house is, I predict, going to be sweltering hot in the summers, so it’ll motivate me to go out and about more. I anticipate lots of park reading. Maybe a kite or two. Camping definitely.

I went to a dance show a couple nights ago. It was good. I love watching dance, and I really miss designing it. After the show, I ran into one of the lighting designers for it, who happens also to be someone I’ve worked for before and really like, so it was really good to see him again. And the same day, a designer I emailed my resume to so many moons ago (seriously, at least 6 months) finally replied, saying he had nothing at the moment, but if I were around in spring and summer, we should meet up. So that is exciting. Seems like maybe assisting will pick up more. I think it’s because I got a regular job thing. It’s like when you start dating someone, suddenly other people are interested in you. And you wonder where in the hell they all were before, but it’s kind of moot because you’re with this person, and you have no desire for that to change. Except in this case, it’s a pretty open relationship. I like freelancing.

With that, I really need to go to bed. It is very late, I am very tired, and I have work tomorrow. Good times.


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