Shameful confession

I used to like the macarena. Don’t tell.

In other terrible news, someone threw a brick at John’s windshield while he was at work last night, twice. People are assholes.

In better news, he came back late late late wednesday night, and I got to see him thursday evening. His leg is all cut up, as he was silly enough to go horseback riding in shorts, and the straps dug into his legs. But he had fun, and there are lots of good pictures, and he got to see a sloth. We didn’t do much of anything, hung about, played with the cat a little, came back to my place, woke up late. It’s so good to have him back, though. So, so good.

I’m thinking rather seriously about getting cats. Two of them. Young, probably 6ish months, or something. Old enough to have finished all their initial vetcare. Until I have to, I’d rather not need to cart cats around on the subway. But yes. It’s now been 6 years since I had a cat, and I miss them. My hesitation is that I’ve never had an indoor only cat before (though yes, I have lived with a couple) and I don’t know about doing that. Which is silly. Maybe I’ll just get one. We’ll see.

The boots are proving their awesomeness. Comfortable, and pretty, and I completely forgot to mention- they have a silver lining. Literally. They’re good boots.

I’m very hungry. I think it is time to watch the first disc of The Tudors, and forage for something to eat in bed. So odd to have a weekend.


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