Huge, huge, huge shoutout (do people still do those? I feel like they were unfortunately short-lived. Maybe I’m just out of the loop) to Of the shoes. I have been on a boot search for the last year. Maybe it was only 6 months. But a long time. I keep seeing good ones on the subway, but the only time I ever had the nerve to ask someone, the boots were 4 years old, and nowhere to be found. Fooey. But then! Last night, I was hanging out with Tenaya, and earlier this month I found some boots that were maybe pretty good. BUt they weren’t quite what I had in mind. And so I looked one more time. And found them They are pretty. They are black leather. They are not flat, but the heel is under an inch, so that fits what I wanted. They zip up the side, and they have a buckle on the outside top. And it is a brass, classy buckle, so it’s not all shiny and I Am A Buckle, but more like hey, Buckle, yes, that’s me. With little brass rivets on the side. They were a lot of money. More than I wanted to spend. But I am about to be tax refunded. And I have a job that pays pretty well. So I splurged. They will last a long time, and be pretty and versatile. I click ‘Order’, and spend the rest of the evening whining about how I want them noo-oow. At about 10 30 pm, things get magical. I get an email from Zappos saying ‘Good news!

Although you originally ordered Standard (4 to 5 business days) shipping
and handling, we have given your order special priority processing in
our warehouse and are upgrading the shipping and delivery time frame for your order.
Your order will ship out today and be given a special priority shipping status so that
you can receive your order even faster than we originally promised!

Please note that this is being done at no additional cost to you.  It is
simply our way of saying thank you for being our customer.’

You are so very welcome, Zappo’s. They got here at 10am this morning. I didn’t get home to try them onuntil about 6 30 tonight, but damn! 15 hours from ordering to delivery? And I can wear them tomorrow. They’re even comfortable. Though tight in the calves, but all boots are on me. What a great day.

That was unnecessarily detailed. Oh well.

The morning at work was slow. I wasn’t totally sure what to do, as I left early yesterday, and my boss didn’t come in till after 1 today, but I picked something to play with, and it turned out to be a good choice. He gave me a hell of a lot more detail to do with it (it’s a section drawing of a staircase) but I had to leave to go to a meeting not long after that, just as I was getting really absorbed and interested in the minutiae of it all. That was dissapointing. I got all fired up and decided to go in early tomorrow. I don’t know about that now, but it was an ambitious plan.

And then I had a meeting about getting this theatre space up and running by the 10th of may. It’ll be interesting. There’s a lot to do, and they seem to think that the plan to do everything in the last week is a good one. Not so much. We’ll see what happens, right now it’s just about making a wish list and planning. It is exciting to be involved in something like this, right as the seeds are starting.


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