Update, several minutes later. The fighting couple left. It seemed like an old argument, one they’d had many times before. Which is no less worrisome, but somehow less motivating to do anything about. And they left. So I don’t have to.

Also, my drafting job paid me today. Good money. Rent paying money. And I get to go back again next week. It feels weird having a steady mon-fri job. Weekends? FOr real? It’s been so long since I had that kind of job. About 3 years. I know where I’m going to be working, and what I’ll be doing for the next several weeks at least. Sweet. Definitely a good gig. And it somehow makes me more motivated to go find more work. So that’s good.

I didn’t really miss John till todayish. I dunno. I did in little bits and pieces, wanting to tell him something or what have you. But he’s off having fun. And I’ve done the not getting to see him for several days in a row thing. So it wasn’t so different. But what with all the Riley chaos, and being tired from that and from having to get up to go to work every day, I’ve started missing him, and I didn’t realize how much he balances me out. He’s good at calming me down. And I miss his cooking. I try not to write about him too much here, I feel like me gushing will be boring to read. And repetitive. He is pretty awesome, though. I miss him a lot at the moment. But he’s off having fun with parrots, and I’m really glad he got to get out of the city and go, and I’m going to get postcards, so it’s all good.

I need to sleep. Because tomorrow (today) is saturday, I get to sleep in. This is exciting. It’s different from when I sleep in just because I want to, or because I don’t have anything in particular to do that day. I think tomorrow I will do mundane house stuff. Laundry. Putting up my mirror. Maybe find a desk chair. What potential fun. And I won’t have to talk to anyone unless I want to.


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