Consumed today-

  • average portion of pasta with mushroom/onion/garlic sauce, cheddar and parmesan.
  • bag of Pirates Booty popcoorn stuff
  • pint of Ben and Jerry’s Raspberry Chocolate Chunk ice cream

Watched today- a total of 5 or 6 hours of online tv. what a lazy wasteful today. Tomorrow will doubtlessly be more productive. And I will eat things other than total crap. I’m thinking about getting up now to make some sauteed zucchini. Or even just a glass of milk.

I watched a couple episodes of Eli Stone (lawyer who might be a prophet of sorts). It’s an okay show, nothing outstanding, but not quite the usual crap. THe reason that I really like it, though, is that his visions often show up as musical numbers. So just about every episode, people break into song and dance. And that is what life is missing. Hmm. Maybe tonight I’ll watch Enchanted. Jill sent me a copy that I have yet to try out. Her birthday is next week. I should do something about that.

The fighting couple came back. Someone else called the cops, who were useless. They came and talked to the guy, and tried to talk to the girl who was wandering and yelling and trying to find her purse. And then they left. With nothing resolved, and crazy people still wandering the streets. Thanks, guys. I went to sleep around 3 30.

Time to go gnaw on some carrot sticks and read a book, so this day won’t have been totally useless. And maybe watch a movie. Maybe.


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