Somethingth. Fifteenth?

So so tired. Riley is running around the city living the high life, and I am failing at keeping up, as evidenced by me being home, and him being out at this very moment. But I went out last night, and it was good. Sushi was involved. Lots of walking. White rimmed sunglasses at night. Clementines. General hilarity.

Also, I love my job. Generally. There are boring tedious parts, but I get to draft, and that’s fun. Bad for my posture. But fun. My boss is funny and sort of awkward. We’re also in an office of other architects. Architects yell a lot. Who knew. I always thought they’d be mild mannered, but there’s a lot of loud discussioning going on. I should charge my iod tonight.

I’m also in tech for the silly show. It’s going well. It’s all subtle lighting and stuff, but I think I did it well. I think I’ve generally achieved the whole ‘underscoring the emotion’ thing I was going for. Though in the second half I have a bunch of cues that need adjusting. Tomorrow.

I have to go to bed and try to sleep. I haven’t the last couple nights much, and it’s no good. Probably why I’m really tired right now. And hurt a lot. Though the hurting is probably from the walking and the sitting badly at work. The chair I have sucks, and the computer screen is above eye level. Awkward. Bedtime!


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