Wow. I slept horribly. I hope that’s not indicative of how today is going to go. I didn’t fall asleep till 1 30ish, partly because I stayed up too late and partly because it takes me a while to fall asleep. I woke up convinced that it was either 7 30 or 8, and either way, i was just going to lay there for half an hour and then get up (my alarm was set for 8, but that was to give me extra time this morning). I sort of have to pee and that’s keeping me awake, and I finally look at the clock, and it was 5 20. Jesus. Back to sleep. I wake up at 7. And turn over and over and over and don’t sleep and at 8 I hit the snooze so it goes off at 8 30. Of course in there, I fall asleep and so wake up hell of groggy. The whole sleep thing felt very stilted somehow. Fake, and formal and ineffective. And now I have to get up and take care of shit and go to work. Bah.


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