What madness. What carryings on. I have funny friends. Zina and Erica and Riley all stayed over last night. We started at Zina’s dorm, with lots of youtube video watching. We were all greatly amused by the japanese game shows. They’re rather fantastic and ridiculous. There’s one called Silent Library (or else Quiet Library, I can’t remember) where there are 6 people around a table, and cards that are shuffled and laid out. They pick a card, and whoever gets the skull and crossbones one has to be subjected to whatever is on the board (which includes nose hair plucking, wasabi eating, and slap machine-ing). They have to be quiet the whole time. So it’s all muffled giggling and rustling around and general hilarity. There seems to be no real point.

We went to my house kind of late, getting there at something like 10 30 (I am an old lady in that if anything starts after 10pm, it’s really late. I don’t understand people who leave their house at 11 or so at night to go to a party. Weird) and everyone was hungry, so we made a giant pot of macaroni and cheese and some steamed brocolli. It was good. Originally, there was talk of watching a movie or something, but then we started talking about history (and our collective lack of knowledge of 20th century american history was appalling. Erica knew the most, and so she and Zina could tell us who was president in what decade, but none of us could really think of what had been going on internationally when Reagan was up. Arms race anyone? I had to look it up. Pathetic) which moved on to what events in our lifespan would be considered historical markers, and then to music, wondering what artists would actually be remembered, and if anything like the grunge movement, or the early/mid 90’s hip hop commercialization was happening now. Trying to see the tallest trees in the forest from the ground. They all know far more about music than I do, so I hung out and listened and was amused. We all work at the same camp, so that came up, and on and on. Around 2 we started having to shush and be quieter, and they were all curled up on the futon by 3 30. I felt a little like a parent hosting a sleepover, getting blankets and pillows, and loaning all three of them pajama pants. It was fun, though. Very entertaining and much laughter was had. I’m glad I was able to host the fun.

What I’m not looking forward to is loading in today. We were originally going to get to start at 11, but not so much anymore. We’re not allowed until 3. So I have from 3 to 11 to hang a plot, get it circuited, turn it on and troubleshoot anything, and focus it all. And now I have work tomorrow, so I can’t use most of that day to finish anything up. I’m freaking out a little because I know how these things never goes as smoothly as they should. I’ll have one person who I know who knows what they’re doing, and then a few (hopefully) with varying levels of what they know. And I’ll have to find the lights, and figure out where to put them. I know where I want to put them. But of course I’ve had no drawings, so I don’t know where the pipes are, and what’s possible, and I don’t know how closely the inventory matches, and what changeups I should be prepared for and all that. Rope light! I have to remember to bring it. oog. No fun. And I’m vaguely worried about Riley being able to get back to my place on his own, and him making it up all the stairs. He’s doing well, and pretty cheerful about it all, but it still kind of sucks.

I finished The Other Boleyn Girl yesterday. It was pretty good. It reads sometimes like a romance novel, and it’s rather sensationalistic, but that’s not always the fault of the author. They were all pretty ridiculous sometimes. All the time. And really, Anne is pretty stupid for not seeing it coming. So now I get to go see the movie. But not until thursday or friday. Or later. I hope it’s still in theaters. It’s hard to know how they’ll condense all that down to under 3 hours.

Riley lent me The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. I’ve barely started. It’s interesting. Seems like it may get pretty clinical (and Riley did say it was jargon heavy) which is not my best reading strength, but the subject is fascinating enough. He also brought with him World War Z, An Oral History of the Zombie War. Written by Mel Brooks’s son. I think I may need to get that.

Time to go check if Riley is awake. And I should be getting up. Oh! So Sarah has always said she doesn’t know how long she’ll stay here, she’s selling her flat in London and probably looking to buy a place here. Madeline mentioned the other day that John should move in. I mentioned that to him, and he didn’t sound completely opposed. He even sounded like he might like the idea, though he’s wary of it. I doubt he’ll move in, but I like the idea, and I like that he seemed to almost like it. I was reminded of this because I realized that I haven’t seen Sarah in something like a week. I’m not sure she’s been home. Hmm.


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