I will probably stop this numbering thing soon, and come up with actual titles. It’ll happen when I forget which number post I’m on.

So, I had a craving last night for nilla wafers. This craving was slightly born of it’s own design, and partly because I made pasta for lunch and used too much garlic, and so after eating peeps, a pear, brushing my teeth, and eating a small bowl of curry soup, I could still taste the garlic sting. I love garlic. But 6 hours of garlic mouth taste was no good. So I went to get some nilla wafers, and ended up with those, ice cream, cheese, cereal, and olive oil. This happens a lot. Anyway. While I was looking at the cheese, I noticed again that there is no medium sharp cheddar. There almost never is. is this just New York? I’ve noticed it lately. I mean, I like sharp and extra sharp, but I generally melt it on toast, and the sharper the cheese the more crumbly it is, and the harder to slice. Also, when melted, the taste difference is pretty negligible. Anyway. Where was I. Staring at the cheese. Right. The whole point of this is that I saw some brand or other that had Sharp, Extra Sharp, and Seriously Sharp. I should have gotten that. I was a little stymied by it, though. Seriously Sharp. I guess that’s sharper than extra, right? makes as much sense as anything else.

I’m getting a haircut tomorrow. Magic of craigslist. It’s at an upscale salon-y place, I looked it up and haircuts usually range from 80-150, so I think I’m getting a pretty good deal. I guess this girl is just starting, and she has to prove herself, so they let her recruit people to test on. Usually in these ads, they only want people willing to go really short, or with straight hair. This was the only one I’ve seen that asked for people with all lengths hair, and wanted wavy and curly. Yes, I have been looking for this for a while. Shh.

The slight downside, I don’t think I get to pick what she does. I think (hope) I get enough input to say that I want to keep it long, and that nothing should be too short to be put up in a ponytail. But really, that’s about as much input as I would give anyone else. I know that my hair doesn’t look as good as it could (though it looks fine. Just kind of poofy occasionally), but I have no clear idea of what should be done to it. I figure people who cut hair (should) have a better idea of these things. Enough narcissism.

I’ve gotten called in to figure out why a lightboard isn’t working. I hope this is within my reach of expertise. I’m doing it for free, I guess. Which is okay. It may lead to paying stuff later, and it’s one evening.

I want a melon now. Cantelope or that other kind. The green one. Honeydew. Or something. I just ate a bunch of nilla wafers and now I’m wanting to counteract that with something cool and crisp and juicy. Maybe steamed brocolli, actually. We have a lot of that. Brocolli, I mean. I would have to steam it myself. Though we don’t have lemons. And what is steamed brocolli without lemon juice? I ask.

I watched The Goodbye Girl last night. Not what I would have picked as a title, but it worked. I liked it. Mostly. I always like older movies about New York. Also, 2 bedroom apartment on the upper west side for 200 a month? makes me cry. I liked Richard Dreyfuss. I haven’t seen him in that many things, but he’s one of those actors that everyone acknowledges is good. Knowing that never prepares you for seeing it again. He does lots of great little physical things, and subtext and facial things. The time period of the movie is a little odd. It seeme dto me that it took place over about 2 weeks. Everything happened very fast. I was supposed to be a few months, I guess. And the girl was pretty, but prone to hysterics, which is always irritating.


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