Spent a few hours today figuring out this whole wordpress thing, and how to get links on it and such forth. Progress was made! So that was good. I still can’t figure out why sometimes it double spaces when you hit enter. And how to make it the truncated entries that you click on, and then can move back and forth through like most journals. No matter.

I spent a lot of time yesterday looking for jobs online. The pit that craigslist has become. But I did find some interesting possibilities in the realm of personal assistant. I like assisting people. I also need to compile a list of theatres in New York to send my resume to. Awkward. I don’t know if any good will come of it. But there can’t be much bad coming from it, so it’s at least a little worth the effort. Also, a friend of mine called on friday, saying a friend of his just bought a theatre last year, and now is looking for tech advice, particularly lighting. This is interesting.

I’ve decided to talk to the roommates about getting cats. I think this would be a good place to have them. And in the crazy part of my brain, I occasionally feel like there’s one following me when I walk around the apartment. My solution is to look into getting a couple.

My mom sent me a pretty great easter package. Highlights of it- smartwool socks, Peeps, and earrings. Really, the peeps were the pinnacle. I’ve eaten most of them, but the last 3 are sitting on my windowsill now, drying out. If you let them get stale, they turn delightfully chewy and the sugar coating gets good and crunchy. I just hope I don’t get too impatient and eat them too soon. This is a definite danger. Also, playing with the lighter on my windowsill and melting them before their time.

My friend Riley came into town yesterday. I got to meet him at the airport and bring him to Penn Station. It was not that exciting, but I was very glad to see him. Though only for an hour or so on the subway, and then through the idiocy of Penn Station. Next week he’ll be staying in the city, with me mostly. I’m looking forward to showing him around and trading books. We both like time travel fiction.

I need to do laundry today. And apply for work. What a wild life.

Oh yes, so the show that I was assisting on- the designer needed me as an assistant because he has been banned from the theatre. So now it’s been decided that having him design from afar is silly (shocking conclusion) and since I am on board with ideas and interest, it’s been handed over to me. Which is sort of great. Except- when I was his assistant, we were splitting the design fee. We still are. This is, to me, utter bullshit. I’m really not sure how to address it, and I’m not sure why he’s being a jerk and keeping that money. He’s also the production manager, so if that fee was also his production managing fee, I would understand that. I don’t think it is, though. And I am much to shy to say anything about it. See, I worry that if I stand up for myself and say no, really, you need to give me more money, he’ll get pissy and it will ruin a working relationship. He’s passed on a couple gigs to me, to it’s sort of worthwhile to keep him around. I even understand if he wanted to keep some of the fee. He has done some groundwork of ideas and brainstorming and such. But 450 to my 350?  No no no. Not cool. So I need to figure out a polite yet effective way to talk to him. Without going behind his back. I think the producer and director would ally with me on this, but ganging up on him like that seems kind of fucked. So we’ll see. Sometimes I really want to quit theatre. I need to find some work that will remind me why I like it.


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