Yesterday was John and my 1st known-each-other-for-a-year anniversary. Neither of us remembered until I made the connection at about 9pm. It was a great accidental celebration. He came over late thursday night.
Sidetrack. The last couple days I’ve been working as a carpenter. I hate needing money and stooping to these things. I thought it would be fine, and generally it was, with a couple notable exceptions. 1. I hit myself square in the forehead with a piece of wood. I still cannot fully account for why this happened. I have a bruise there now. 2. I broke 4 drill bits in the space of about 5 minutes. I had been using the drill very sucessfully until that point. I’m not sure what happened. Also, I was just beat up and sore in general. End sidetrack.
So anyway, John came over. We watched the Mystery Science Theatre of Pod People. Which had nothing to do with pods. And not much to do with people. It was really awful. Going to sleep after was kind of a relief.
We woke up sort of early (really, I woke up sort of early. His internal clock is set to wake up at 1am, So he had sort of dozed on and off all night and watched me sleep while plottong how to get his psp off my desk and debating if that would wake me up.) and went down to the store to get french toast making supplies. I like making it and don’t that often, so it was nice to have an excuse. Though it was silly, because not long after, we took the subway to go get pizza. There’s this place under the brooklyn Bridge that’s pretty famous apparently, and touted as ‘the best pizza in new york’. It was pretty great. It was the rustic, I guess you would call it, kind, with slices of fresh mozzerella and freash pulpy sauce and stuff. It opened at 11 30, we got there at 11 45, the place was full by about 12 05, and when we left at 12 20, there was a line halfway down the block. Nearly all tourists. It was good. I kind of really want to go back.
It was a nice day, but cold and windy. So not the best day for walking over the bridge, but it was fun. I guess I kind of hurried John, he wanted to hang out more and look at stuff and take pictures. Someone asked what country he was from, and he said “Queens”. Amusement. There were a ton of people out, though. Again, all tourists. It was a sort of touristy day. There was a couple taking wedding photos, the girl was wearing a pretty, but not really what I would call warm dress. Made me cold to look at her.
My cousin works just off the end of the bridge, and he came down to say hi to us before we headed into chinatown in search of bubble tea. Which I now also want more of. We wandered some, tried to avoid the throngs of people, and I was able to find the bubble tea place that I’d been to before, so that was good. He wanted to find this little old, untouched-since-it-was-built street that spirals to a dead end, but we couldn’t. We did walk over to try to see the tenement museum, and found barrels of pickles. So that was exciting. We were starting to get wiped out at that point, but made it up to Bleecker and Lafayette to get sandwiches at Bite, and then get on the subway to go home. Lots of food involved in the day, though that wasn’t really planned. We were both still fairly full so we put the sandwiches in the fridge and took a nap untill about 8 or 9, when we got up to eat and watch another MST3K, the Cave Dwellers this time. It had more of a plot than Pod People. So I guess that was good. John said that it was a giant Conan Ripoff, and then laughed at me for a while because I hadn’t known that the govenator was in Conan. Not having a tv will do that to you. We went back to sleep, and he left at 7. Which was sad, but I was a little relieved to have the temperature go down. Somehow the thermostat in the house is up way high and it’s always kind of roasting, especially with another person around you. It was nice having him around for so long, though. And it was a lovely way to spend an anniversary.


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