I had a nice time hanging out with both of my roommates tonight, if only for a little bit. I possibly could be still having that nice time, but I wanted to look for work and stuff. And be the first one to go to bed. I’ve been the last the past few nights, and I wanted to shake it up. That’s how quiet it is around here.
Anyway. We were sitting there, watching dvd’s, Madeline painting a chair, and I was talking to her a little. It was nice.
The other day when I was visiting John, we went into a bodega place, and I saw a box of my current favorite chocolate brand, Kinder. American chocolate goes way heavy on the sugar and puts barely any milk in, this is the other way. But I digress. Not only was it a box of Kinder chocolate, but it was a box of Happy Hippos. Little hippos made of wafer-substance, with little chocolate sprinkles signifying mud around the bottom, filled with something a lot like nutella. The best part (aside from utter deliciousness) was that on the box, there was a decapitated hippo. It was for the purpose of showing the filling, but they could have done a cross section or something. Nope. Headless hippo. Headless happy hippo.


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