I did the job of a binder clip today. It was exciting. That’s the word for it. I was helping out with the photo shoot for the play I’m assisting on, and after I helped set up a couple umbrella reflectors with the little flash attatched, my main job was to hold the curtains closed. We were right next to a big window. The curtains couldn’t actually close. The producer kept calling me saucy, and I wasn’t sure how to react. I wasn’t really being saucy. Maybe once. I wasn’t sure if he meant it as a good thing or a bad thing. Towards the end, someone said ‘porpoise’, and so I quoted Alice in Wonderland- ‘ ‘Will you walk a little faster’ said the Whiting to the Snail, ‘there’s a Porpoise close behind us and he’s treading on my tail’ ‘, and then I continued quoting a little. No one got it. When I finally explained, the producer said oh, thank goodness, I thought you were just muttering crazy talk. It was an afternoon of feeling slightly outside of everything. Not the best feeling.
Yesterday I sat around, did a little bit of work rereading scripts and such. And looking at mini coopers. I know that I live in New York, and so having a car is not really an option given that parking is a bitch, and insurance would be through the roof, especially since I technically have never had insurance before. With my old car, I was on my grandfathers plan. So it seems that that means there’s no real record of me being an insured driver. Which is weird. I was one for three years. Longer, actually, because I forgot to tell my grandfather to cancel my part after I rolled that sad sad little car into the junkyard. Oops. I miss that car.
Anyway. I looked at and lusted after pretty tiny old cars. I have this idea that someday, far in the future, like in 6 or 8 years or something, John and I will move back to California. Not that I want to leave New York. But he does, and we both really like California, so it works. And it’s a place where having a car would be much easier. In a perfect world, this move would involve me being a resident designer for a couple dance companies there, and freelancing for other theatres. I’m going to start sending my resume out to theatres in New York, see if that works.
This is awfully mundane. Last night I made a postcard with watercolors of John and a sloth sitting in beach chairs looking at the ocean with bottles of booze around. He’s going to Costa Rica in a couple weeks, and this is his plan, to find a sloth and take it to the beach and get it drunk. I thought I should make a postcard in case it doesn’t quite work out.
In other mundane news, I found a place to give all my binders to. I guess every year at school I thought i would need more. I counted them all after I moved. 13. I have never ever needed 13 binders at once. That doesn’t count the ones that are actually in use. Inadvertent binder collection. That I now get to get rid of.


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