Hmm. First diary entry here. Starting this on a bit of a whim. I think I will end this entry real soon so I can play around with the template. Which is half the fun and point of having on online journal, really.

But that’s taken care of now. It’s St. Patricks day. I opted to not go out with my roommate and her new bartender buddy to see the parade. I don’t know. Maybe it would have been fun, but I’m betting it would be lots of standing and trying to see anything, and then going to a pub and probably standing and drinking and listening to the bartender cry in her beer about being dumped last week. I feel bad for her, really. But she was in my house for over 36 consecutive hours drinking and smoking this week, and so at this point I have empathy, but no sympathy. So, I miss out on lots of green and lots of knotwork, and lots of plastic hats. And shamrocks. Hmm. Sitting on the couch vaguely doing work and reading blogs is not such a bad option perhaps.

And I haven’t been that into drinking lately. How boring. But it just isn’t appealing. Mostly because of the taste. I think my low tolerance in general is manifesting itself at the moment in the form of not liking the taste at all. Moving on.

My arm is sore from playing air hockey. Which I happen to be pretty awesome at. I need to get better at blocking. But it doesn’t really matter. Let me play air hockey for a while, and whatever mood I was in will have improved by 8. Pool does that as well, but air hockey has the cathartic aggression angle. Always good.

I have another journal. That I like, and will still write in. But my writing in it always feels rather stale. I’m starting this in the hope (probably vain) that this will be better. More interesting. Superior writing. I am kidding no one.

I am going now to reheat some lentil soup, and eat it with massive amounts of toasted sourdough bread. And then figure out what to do with myself for the rest of the day.


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